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Music blogger reviews ‘Border vibes’ Ep by Keeny Ice, describes it as “Best from Volta” – Read here

Germany based Ghanaian music blogger and music producer Alfred Aborga better known as Mr Aborga has taken a technical look at Keeny Ice’s debut Ep, ‘Border vibes’. In his own words, he describes the six (6) track project as “Best from Volta. Read below 

I would start by commending the management and content creators from Keeny’s management team for a professional and well-thought-through project. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to an EP with a solid and vivid theme.

Most people basically pick songs randomly and call it an EP or album; this wasn’t the case with Keeny’s project. The project had no “title track,” but every song had something to do with the EP title. “Border Vibes” defines a rapper from Aflao (Volta Region), a.k.a. “Border Town.”

That part of the Volta Region is considered as the hustle grounds for many. Sarkodie made a reference to Aflao in one of his songs just to paint a hustle picture… This should tell you that the hustle and Aflao have a close connection. Let’s dive right into it track by track…

Track 1: HOOK OR CROOK Ft. Lega (Prod. by Two Bars)

There couldn’t be a better way to start the EP! This song is a perfect pick for the first spot. This song ushers the listener into a beautiful musical journey. This is more like a letter to “Hustle.” The piano has this emotional chord progression, and Lega added a perfect hook!

I love this song because Keeny had listeners in mind, and his choice of lyrics will make you feel the song is yours. He was able to project a picture almost everyone can fit in. Keeny accepted the Hustle as part of his life from day one and yet hoping for a better day. Basically, the hustle is his only source of motivation. And that hoook!! Oh looord! Makes me want to shed tears! This is a must-listen!

TRACK 2: GRIND Ft. Payper Corleone (Prod; by Two Bars)

Grind follows up, and this totally falls in line with the EP theme. This is more motivating to listeners because the grind he talked about isn’t about making better moves than others but working hard to make himself proud and not become a burden to his relatives. He preached dedication to a course, teamwork, and believing in yourself. Choice of words on point as well! And the featured artist made an applaudable appearance as well!

TRACK 3: OG (Prod. by Two Bars)

This is where my jaws dropped!!! I would have called this track a “Bragging” song, but I can’t even argue this! He praised himself a bit in there and talked about how long he has been into the music. But what blew my mind is the consistent reference he made to some old stuff many youngsters won’t have any idea of. That concept sort of measured or explained what he’s trying to say. You really need to soak this! The Nelly reference got me saying, “Ooooo shhhhhhh!!!”

TRACK 4: Made In Aflao (Prod by Two Bars)

What is a rap EP without any track to fully brag on? I guess this song serves that. Most songs with these concepts usually come with unnecessary wordplays, which at the end makes the song looks like ice cream on Pizza (Is that even a thing? lol), but yeah, you get what I mean. So I guess that is it for this track.

TRACK 5: Questions Ft. Kula (Prod. by Two Bars)

This is another song I love. This basically talks about the struggles of every young artist. The doubts, the urge to give up, the temptations to start a beef for no reason, the fear to stay original, and many more. I think most young artists can relate to this track and say, “Keeny den Kula talk my mind waaa” You need to soak this.

TRACK 6: BIGUPS (Prod. by Two Bars)

And, of course, a perfect way to end this EP! This is an appreciation to his fans, lovers, and everyone contributing to his music. The clever thing he did on this song is that instead of mentioning people, he wrote the song so that everybody would feel this is to them. No names are mentioned, but the impact is felt.

In all, this is a beautiful piece, and I love it! A beautiful musical journey with easy listening content. You need to listen to this!!


REVIEW by Mr Aborga (Aborga Records)



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