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Songwriting: What are Split Sheets in The Music Industry?

What is a songwriter split sheet? Learn how to manage split sheets when collaborating with other artists to ensure you get paid for your work.

About Split Sheet:

Songwriter split sheets are an integral part of the music business. A split sheet is a written agreement that identifies each contributor to a song and establishes ownership percentages amongst them. The agreed percentages determine how much each contributor will receive from the royalties generated by their music.

Split sheets are necessary for every song you write with collaborators. They ensure everyone involved in the creative process is properly credited and paid for the work they contributed.

It’s also important to note that split sheets are not a copyright agreement. Copyright ownership is different.

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Is A Split Sheet Important
Split sheets are an essential safeguard for all co-creators of a song. They ensure everyone involved in the creation process receives credit and compensation for their work. Split sheets can also save creators from a potential legal headache because it requires them to work out an agreement and establish ownership in writing.

Elsewhere, any co-written content without a written agreement will be equally divided depending on the number of people involved. Without a split sheet, contributing producers and songwriters risk receiving less ownership or revenue for the content they created. This can lead to ugly disputes among each contributor and potential legal battles.

Also, a Performing Rights Organization (PRO), record label, music publisher, music licensor, and any other third-party using the song can hold royalty payments until the conflict resolves. Moreover, contributors risk not getting credit or royalty payments if a company does not know who, or how much to pay.

How to create a split sheet

There are three ways to create a split sheet. The latest and most convenient way is with an online service. For example, the free SPLITS app from Create Music Group makes songwriter splits simple.

The SPLITS app helps eliminate songwriting disputes between producers, songwriters, and artists. Collaborators can quickly generate and sign a split agreement in a non-confrontational way, with a few clicks.

You can also find basic split sheet templates online or create your own. A basic split sheet should include:

  • The date
  • The song title
  • Legal names of all contributing writers involved
  • Role in the song creation (producer, songwriter, etc.)
  • Ownership percentage for each contributor
  • Specific contributions (lyrics, hook, melody, beats, etc.)
  • Record label (if available)
  • Performing Rights Organization (PRO) (if available)
  • Publishing company (if available)
  • Mailing addresses and contact information
  • Signature of each contributor

Ensure each contributing writer fills out all the information that applies to them. Also, register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. A PRO helps songwriters and publishers get paid for the use of their music by collecting performance royalties on their behalf.


As a creator, it’s essential to understand the value of your work, especially before it’s published. Also, be proactive and take control of the conversation by using split sheets to secure your fair share of the revenue. Moreover, start negotiation splits early to avoid future disputes. And if you’re having trouble coming up with a fair agreement, get a lawyer!



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