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Difference between A Hit song and A Classic – Here we go

Most of us don’t know when it’s a hit or it’s a classic or even when it’s viral but I’m sure when you are done reading this article, you would have learned the differences.

Hit song is a recorded song or instrumental that becomes broadly popular or well-known. Although hit song means any widely played or big-selling song, the specific term hit record usually refers to a single that has appeared in an official music chart through repeated radio airplay or significant commercial sales

Hit song is the second level of positive acclamation by the public and usually takes a long time to die down.

For decades, there was a gold standard for identifying hits: the Billboard Hot 100. But people hear and buy music in many different ways now, and that’s changed the calculus of hits. The chart, which has long been based on sales and radio spins, recently started reflecting online streaming, too. See Hit songs playlist below 

A viral song is a song that is played everywhere, very popular with the public and becomes a trend online. Everyone talks about it, dances it etc. Viral songs receive buzz and popularity that cannot be controlled by any music promoter. See viral songs playlist below

A “classic” song or album needs to be not only remembered, enjoyed and recognized by the current or original generation of music fans who were around when the song/album was released, but the song/album needs to be remembered, enjoyed, and recognized by subsequent generations as well. See Ghanaian classics playlist below 


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