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How do we monetize our AudioMack account?

Get paid for your streams.

The Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) allows creators to generate revenue through Audiomack and invest back into their careers. Engage more fans by using and monetizing through Audiomack, which services millions of discovery-focused listeners and tastemakers every day.

Who can get paid?

Authenticated creators in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada (we’re working on adding new countries all the time!) that have generated over 10,000 plays on their account in the last year are eligible to apply for acceptance into AMP.

I’m a creator. How do I apply?

The Audiomack Monetization Program is open to all authenticated creators located in the US, UK, and Canada who have generated over 10,000 streams on their account in the last year.

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What if I live outside of the US, UK and Canada?

We aim to expand the program to Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America in early 2021, with additional regions coming soon. In the meantime, please utilize our free tools and services such as the Creator Dashboard and apply for authentication to gain access to Audiomack For Creators.

What is authentication?

Authentication is the first step in the Audiomack For Creators program. In addition to being required to monetize your music, it is necessary to become a verified artist, distinguish yourself as a creator, instantly notify fans when you release content, submit your content for trending consideration, gain access to our creator tools and services, and more.

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How do I get authenticated?

  1. Apply for authentication here.
  2. Creators must have at least two (2) uploads and 1,000 total plays to apply for authentication.

How often can I get paid?

Whenever you have $50 in your AMP account, you are eligible to be paid out.


How does Audiomack calculate revenue/payments?

  1. Put simply, Audiomack calculates “revenue per stream” based on revenue generated from advertisements and subscriptions (minus costs) divided by the number of total streams on the Audiomack platform in a calendar month. AMP creators are paid based on the number of streams of their monetized content, multiplied by the “revenue per stream,” multiplied by the AMP revenue share, which is fifty (50%) percent.
  2. There is no fixed “per-stream rate.” Rather, the rates fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including what country the streams occurred in, the number of monetized streams on the platform, the amount of total revenue generated, and more.
  3. When Audiomack wins, creators win. It costs money to operate a platform that helps creators further their careers, but AMP exists to make sure creators are paid for their contributions. The more users our platform gains, the more money we can pay our creator community.

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