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NLMGNM Returns With ‘What Keeps You Going’ For His ‘‘24 Bars For 24 Weeks’’ Challenge.

Week 4 of his #24BarsFor24Weeks weekly freestyle challenge, NLMGNM releases another song titled ‘WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING’. A song which asks a direct question about your drive in life and also doubling up as a motivational song.


Over the past few weeks, NLMGNM has consistently been releasing material and the very question from our Editorial section is, what keeps NLMGNM going? What is his main motivation about life?
”I’ve always been fascinated about what a lot of people call ‘IMPOSSIBILITY’, the rapper and producer said, ”For me, I chose a destiny so big that, the only thing that keeps me going is making the ‘impossible’ possible and these ‘impossibilities’ are the key points in my life. First and foremost being, to ride shotgun in GOD’s black Mercedes Benz AMG S63 and bumping my joints”.

When asked to elaborate this, NLMGNM suggested something which we humbly request our readers to consider. He said, ”Imagine you’re driving the car of your dreams. This car is filled with unlimited fuel and you’re driving on a very wide highway, with no speed limits and on the most scenic route that could ever exist.

Now imagine that you have all the time in your life, how far would you go?”.
Stream ‘What Keeps You Going’ on SoundCloud here.

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