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What is the difference between a UPC and an ISRC code?


An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique 12-character alphanumeric ‘digital fingerprint’ that stays with an individual recorded track forever, regardless of any changes in ownership of the track. We provide unique ISRCs for your tracks during the metadata and content stage prior to delivering your products to retailers.

ISRC codes are used to trace sales of single tracks through various digital distributions and broadcast outlets.


A UPC (Universal Product Code or Barcode) represents the entire digital product (album, EP or single), as opposed to just an individual digital track. Manufacturer’s UPC codes are typically found on the back of the sound recording’s physical packaging, and are used by brick and mortar retailers and online outlets to gather and track sales information for the entire product.


When you purchase an item from any store, you will notice a label with thin, black lines across it, along with a variation of different numbers. This label is then scanned by the cashier, and the item’s description and price automatically come up. The word for this is called a barcode, and it is used to read data and information based upon the widths of those small black lines. The barcode has many uses, although most of us think of them as simply a way to price items in the grocery or department store. Barcodes are becoming more and more common in just about every facet of consumer life. For example, car rental companies now identify their rental vehicles by using a barcode. Your luggage gets assigned a barcode when you check it into the airport in order to assure more accuracy when it comes to keeping track of it. Even driver’s licenses today have barcodes on them in most states. Medicine prescriptions, library books, and tracking different shipments are also other ways that a barcode can be used.


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