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Mystery behind Epixode`s Sophomore Album “3nity” art work

The art work to Epixode`s sophomore album 3nity is not just creative but it makes you yearn for the album and it`s above all super pleasing to the eyes.

The art work has Epixode bear chested with a single chain around his neck, blind folded with a golden cloth with his dread loose around his head and his face painted. He has a halo around his head with a faded triangle in the background. Epixode is seen with his left fist which has three stripes just below his wrist up and a rose flower in his mouth in the art work.

Topless Epixode in the art work represents how “we” (humans) came into the world; naked.

The golden blindfold signifies the riches of the world which has blinded human beings but if we can take off the blindfold we can restore ourselves to greatness.

The fist stands for stands for black power with the three stripes below the wrist representing the Trinity which is the title of the album.


Rose flower has always been used to express love and it’s no different in this case. The rose flower represents the songs on the Trinity album that touches on love and also a gift to his female fans.

The halo around his head is symbolic of something sacred and connects with the title of the album #3nity.

The three sides of the shaped (triangle) represent the #3nity and also one main monument of Africa.

The #3nity album is available for pre-order for a cool 15ghc via @on_barz music distribution platform –!preorder_album_detail/1

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