LYRICS: JPhinga – Hold Me (Produced by Beatz Dakay)


I no meet anyone yet – J Phinga
Wey go fit hold me like mi woman.
If you like stake a bet.
Oh my lady come gimme dem tightest hold.
Where dey my lady …Hah.
1st Verse
She hold me tighter than handcuffs.
The way she make me feel can’t be enough.
Mek she hold and choke me till mi start cough
See it yah mi need it more than one puff.(HerH)
When mi come inna your arms girl you give me proper feeling..
With your arms all around non’n deh mi willing..
I know you know what you and I dealing..
I call it romantic healing..
When you dey
hold me,hold me some more
Hold me hold me baby
When you dey
hold me,hold me some moooorrrre
Hold me hold me baby – Saywa
L3k3 n3 ny3 l3g3e
L3k3 n3 b3 y3a l3m eee..
Mmmm l3k3 n3 ny3 l3g3e
L3k3 n3 b3 y3a l3m eee – Lalaa
3nti so me muoooo
So me muooo
So me muooo
So me muooo
3nti so me muooo
So me muooo
So me muooo
So me muooo
2nd Verse
Y3ta m3b3 man) gb)wooo
M3 kp) sugb) gak3 m3dzi t)wo
Nol) no do tu dziny3 may) nk) wo
Vuv) w) am3 kpl3 nu hahaw va do m)wo
!!Va do m)wooo!!mmmm
N3ka ashi nuny3 ko ny3 dzi kataa n)m3 dzem
Ny3 lam3 kataa w) yii fiad3 k3 m3 n) s3m
Eza kpl3 k3l3 do nus3 na n) ny3 l3m.!!Nan) ny3 l3m loo!!
WO bu na b3 f3fee no n) fima n) no f3m
Chorus …. 
Girl I want you to know say nobody dey -Nobody Dey
Nonna dem gyal dem cudda ever hold me your way -Hold me your way
D3 dzi di faa na t3d3 nu ny3
Woa l3m ko n3 mia gbloee
Mi wan you
come close,
come close
Come close
And hold meee
Written by: J Phinga
Producer: Beatz Dakay
Genre: Afro Dancehall 
Date of release: 01/09/2015
Gong Yard Music  (C) 2015
Published by: Showbiz GH

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