Gallaxy – Boo Boo (Lyrics)


Gallaxy |Picture by: Keyys Media

ehh hen ahhh Han ehhh ahaan ahhhannn (nanaaa Gallaxy yeahhhh)
(You’re listening to Harbour City music)

Verse 1 (Kwesi Dav)
Don’t dey mind no Banarbars (ahhannn)
Dem wish I go dey play u like a marracas (hmmmm)
But I mark you down like a date on ma calender (ahhhbah)
You be the perfect monkey for my valender (eeeyyy)
Baby  no yawa eey

Boo boo
You be ma boo boo (don’t dey mind dem)
Boo boo
Come  on boo boo (Babe no yawa dey)
Boo boo
You be ma boo boo (don’t dey mind dem)
Boo boo,Boo boo

HOOK (Bra Chiky)
Yeah (yeah)
Ahhaan (ahhan) Yeahh,
So com to Daddy (Daddy)
Make you no watch nobody (body)
I go make you happy (happy)
Tonight we go get so naughty (naughty)  2X


RAP (Bra Chiky)
Baby to wo bo ma mi
mi nya doe a woa na m3 wari
Enti na mi si nya abotr3 na tw3n mi eeeii can u do dat for me
3nkasa na mati asi
Better time mi no m3 sort
Nanso gye kakra yi k) ma wo maame
Na )nma y3n mmer3 na y3 b3 wari
Baby what’s up
Wonkoa na mi d) wo nti mentie nea nkr)fo) b3ka )mo kasa p3 tell them shut up
Mati s3 nkr)fo) si )d) a mi w) ma wo n’asa,  3sa koraa we go top up
S3 wo hu mi na menhu wo aa 3nma wo bo nfu ebia na 3y3 light out
Eeeiiii chiky mi ba no all out
But u be ma boo boo
Wo d) no m3 b) ni s3 vuvuzella
Baby I love u
Wo d) no y3n t)n no w) tudu
(Lets go)


Yeahh yeahh, Shottoh Blinqx Agyis3wokidey yeahh anhhhhh…..Gallaxy!!

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